Conclusions from the Third Meeting of PROMESA

The Board will not approve the Fiscal Plan for it is lacking on much of what is required by sec. 201(b)(1) of PROMESA, most particularly, the Plan depends on an increase of Federal Funds which has yet to occur. Since the First Fiscal Plan was a “lost opportunity”, the Board will receive the Government’s second […]

Who's on the board?

Rumored Candidates for the Board

CB Watch will judge rumored candidates for various board positions on the two general criteria below. Candidates will receive a score in “flags” – green for those who are good fits, yellow for those with mixed reviews, and red for those who should not be considered.

  • Do they have the requisite experience to step into the board under these dire circumstances, and helpfully contribute to a resolution of our debt crisis?
  • Are there are any red flags that indicate that a given candidate may have ulterior motivations for working on the board, or otherwise suggest that they may not act solely in the best interest of the Puerto Rican people?