ICYMI: Caribbean Business: Fundamental Changes Puerto Rico Needs

Welcome to a special edition of Control Board Watch. This week, my column in Caribbean Business highlights the need for a Constitutional Assembly to overhaul the Puerto Rican Constitution.

Key highlights from the piece include:

“One of the most important changes we need is to amend our Constitution. It was written by politicians who believed future politicians would respect it and hence, were not 100 percent clear on what it meant.”

“We need a Constitutional Assembly via Article VII, section 2, through which the complete Constitution is overhauled.”

And one of the amendments I recommend for the Constitution is:

“Article VI, section 8, payment of public debt: Since the García Padilla administration claimed the Constitution meant public services had to be paid before public debt, we must make it clear that public debt goes first, BEFORE ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE. Violations should be a felony punishable by 10 years in prison, with no probation and no statute of limitations.”

The full text of my column can be found here.